Frequently Asked Questions

The ClarityX test covers over 450 of the most commonly prescribed FDA approved medications. Including the following therapeutic areas: Psychotropic, Cardiac, Gastroenterology, Infection Disease, Pain, Surgery, Diabetic.

The ClarityX Medication Response test helps you understand how your DNA can impact your medications. The ClarityX test helps your doctor prescribe a more genetically optimal medication to avoid medications that may cause side effects or be less likely to work.

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Yes, you will just choose the no insurance option if you are completing your request online when asked type of insurance. This will provide you with a link that you will have to fill out for a self-pay option. You can also call and speak to one of our qualified specialists and give them payment information over the phone

The out-of-pocket cost for this test is $330.00

The ClarityX test is covered by most insurance. To find out if your insurance is covered click the get started on the home page or call us directly.

Yes, sit back and relax. ClarityX will work with your primary care physician sending the paperwork to your doctor for approval before shipping out your test kit.

We work with your insurance company obtaining the necessary approvals. The cost of the ClarityX test is covered by most insurances. We promise that if your out-of-pocket cost towards deductibles and co-insurance is more than $330.00 well call you before we process your test

Once we have received your sample at the lab, it takes approximately 10 – 21 days to complete the review and analysis. Once completed, you and your doctor will receive the results.

Customer Support is available 8:30 am -7pm EST Monday -Friday @ (866) 285-8908

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