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The ClarityX Medication Response test helps you understand how your DNA can impact your medications. The ClarityX test helps your doctor prescribe a more genetically optimal medication to avoid medications that may cause side effects or be less likely to work. ClarityX works directly with your primary care provider and is approved and covered by most insurance.*


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ClarityX Genetic Testing for ADHD

Testing Options

Your testing options include:

ClarityX Comprehensive

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Medications End Trial and Error Today.

Medications work differently in everyone. You have genetic variants that impact how you metabolize medications. ClarityX Comprehensive helps identify the best medications based on your unique DNA. ClarityX Comprehensive will help your doctor move beyond the “one size fits all” treatment strategy, to a more personalized medication option. ClarityX Comprehensive also reduces the risk of medication interactions and enables the selection of the correct dosages. ClarityX Comprehensive will give your doctor insight on over 450 FDA approved medications including 16 therapeutic areas:

ClarityX Mental Wellness

ClarityX Mental Wellness will give you a definitive answer as to how the genes that make up your body will react with antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, SSNRI’s and SSRI’s. ClarityX Mental Wellness will give your doctor insight as to what medications will work best for you, which medications will require a dosage adjustment, which drugs may put you at risk for unwanted side effects based on your genetic profile, and how these medications will interact with each other.

ClarityX – Cardiac Panel

ClarityX Heart Health

ClarityX Heart Health can tell your doctor if you were born with a genetic variant that may dramatically affect how your body will metabolize cardiac medications. These variants can result in your prescriptions not working as intended or causing unwanted side effects. Both situations could put you at risk for a major cardiovascular event. ClarityX Heart Health will tell your doctor how your body will respond to several classes of medications including: blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs, antiplatelet agents, antiarrhythmic drugs, and anticoagulant medications.

The Science Behind ClarityX

The pharmacogenetic (PGx) test is a clinically proven, genetic-based decision support tool that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that may affect your response to current and future prescribed medications.

The American Medical Association recognizes that Cytochrome P450 enzymes are responsible for approximately 70% of drug metabolism in the body.

Currently, more than 450 popularly prescribed medications contain pharmacogenetic information in their FDA approved labels.

The results of the test can help your doctor prescribe more genetically optimal medications and avoid medications that may cause side effects, be less likely to work and avoid future hospitalizations.

Listen to Jen’s journey

ClarityX Doctor DR. Newman
ClarityX Patient
“ I just wish this would of been done a long time ago ”
– Jen

Jen had struggled with depression for over 10 years. Listen to how ClarityX helped her find relief.


Jen had struggled with depression for over 10 years. Listen to how ClarityX helped her find relief.

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