ClarityX® a leading provider of gene-based medication testing, is proud to announce the expansion of their pharmacogenetic test Max Rx. The new upgraded test builds upon the popularity and success of the ClarityX® Max Rx® Test.

A total of 39 new medications have been added. This includes additional medications for Cardiology, Rheumatology, and Urologicals, including popular ED medications, see a complete updated medication list HERE.

The expanded Max Rx® test now brings the total number of commonly prescribed medications to 210. The new upgraded test also includes updated information on the gene variants that may be associated with increased or decreased effectiveness of certain medications, as well as information on the level of gene-drug evidence.

“We continue to make enhancements and add medications as more evidence-based gene-to-drug relationships become available through peer-reviewed studies and the guidance of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC)” said Dr. Melissa Smith Pharm D. Vice President of Clinical Services.

ClarityX® Max Rx gives healthcare providers a valuable tool for evaluating a patient’s medication tolerance and metabolism. Max Rx provides results that give healthcare providers the information they need to make better-informed decisions about prescribing medications to their patients.

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About ClarityX®

ClarityX® is a leading provider of genetic testing solutions dedicated to empowering individuals and healthcare providers through the science of Pharmacogenetics. ClarityX® identifies genetic variations that may affect an individual's response to medication, allowing healthcare providers to make better-informed decisions about the most appropriate drug treatment and dosage for their patients. By leveraging the power of personalized medicine, ClarityX® aims to improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for everyone.