Pharmacogenetics testing (DNA Testing) is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to medications. Genetic testing is used by medical providers who prescribe prescription medications. Recent studies have shown that analyzing genes can provide important information such as whether certain medications will work best for an individual. Having this information helps doctors tailor a more effective treatment plan for their patients. Read on to find out how DNA testing for medications can benefit you.

How Can DNA Testing Help?

Your genes are an important factor in the production of enzymes that help metabolize or break down different types of medications. A DNA test analyzes this process and how these enzymes determine the effectiveness of the medications you take. They also help identify medications that may have negative side effects, eliminating the time-consuming process of finding the right medication. This allows for a more personalized treatment plan for patients so they can receive the right care they need.

How Do DNA Tests Work?

DNA testing is quick and easy: all the patient has to do is provide a saliva sample, which is sent to a pharmacogenetics testing lab for analysis. There, they look for variations or changes in specific genes that are associated with certain medications.

Choose ClarityX for DNA Testing

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