ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a disorder that can cause very significant problems for the adult sufferer when left untreated. Many of these symptoms can result in difficulties in retaining employment, sustaining relationships, and handling many other facets of life. Additionally, when ADHD becomes comorbid, meaning that the sufferer has another mental disorder like anxiety at the same time, life becomes even more difficult for them.

Many adults who have ADHD don’t get the required treatment as the symptoms usually go unnoticed, which ultimately leads to the exacerbation of issues and symptoms. Here, we discuss some of the most common dangers of untreated ADHD in adults.

Relationship Issues

Leaving ADHD symptoms untreated can lead to serious adverse effects on adults’ relationships with other people who don’t have ADHD. For instance, when the person suffering from ADHD becomes inattentive uncontrollably, it may appear insensitive to the other party and cause misunderstandings. The partner may end up feeling resentful or hurt, resulting in a strain on the relationship. In other instances, the partner with ADHD could have a short temper which may cause a significant toll on the relationship as well. More often, those who suffer from ADHD tend to have shorter marriages than those without ADHD.

Reduced Life Expectancy

Recent studies have proven an interconnection between a shorter life expectancy and untreated ADHD. The conclusion could be based on several factors. For example, people with ADHD are at a higher likelihood of ignoring doctors’ orders about quitting tobacco or maintaining a healthy weight range. Additionally, ADHD sufferers are susceptible to an increased chance of recklessness or negligence such as speeding. This puts them at a higher risk of getting involved in a serious accident.

Increased Risk of Anxiety and Depression

There are various reasons why adults with untreated ADHD face an increased risk of anxiety and depression. ADHD can cause a person to make rash decisions without first considering the consequences, which in turn results in a feeling of anxiety for the future or a feeling of hopelessness. An uncertain relationship or a worsening job performance can also lead to the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression.

Job Performance Issues

The worsening symptoms of untreated ADHD are inversely proportional to one’s work performance. The lack of ability to focus due to ADHD can cause a sufferer to miss highly important deadlines or details. Another ADHD symptom that can cause issues with work performance is procrastination leading to unfinished work that can only grow and end up becoming overwhelming.

In general, as compared to those without ADHD, adults with untreated ADHD tend to have a short tenure in jobs and also apply for more jobs on average.

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